Topping out at Trebū HOME quarter: three new buildings ready for final stage of construction.

On 20 December, AFI Europe Latvia, a leading real estate developer, celebrated another topping-out ceremony completing the most technologically complex stage of the fourth round of construction of Trebū HOME. Three six-storey residential buildings reached their highest points in their construction.

RERE Grupa subsidiary SIA RERE Meistari works on the fourth round of the project’s construction. It includes three residential buildings forming a separate horseshoe-shaped unit with an inner courtyard. 153 fully finished flats with a total floor area of 11,455 square metres will be available in these new energy-efficient houses. The operation of these buildings is to begin in the second half of 2023.

Ilona Striga, head of AFI Europe Latvia thanked all the parties involved for their work: ‘This year has been a period of serious challenges for all of us. The difficult global situation has left its impression on the construction industry, and we are happy to have been able to complete the most difficult part of the new stage of construction, sticking to our schedules and delivering consistently high quality. Today’s celebration would not have been possible without the cohesive and professional work of our entire team.’

‘Attaching a wreath to the highest point of a building has always been a tradition and a reason to celebrate in construction. I would like to thank everyone involved in the project, because the topping-out wreath is proof of our good relations and ability to work productively together, even if the conditions are difficult. My special thanks today go to my team and every builder on this site for the work they’ve contributed and the quality they have delivered, something the new residents of the building will soon be able to appreciate,’ Jevgeņijs Ņesterovičs, board member and technical manager of SIA RERE Design&Build, said at the ceremony.

It was previously reported that the construction cost of the fourth round of the Trebū HOME complex would exceed 14 million euros. The project is a result of cooperation between Latvia’s leading architect firms: ARHIS ARHITEKTI and ‘MARK arhitekti’. The road part of the construction design was developed by AS ‘Ceļu projekts’, the landscaping and amenities part by SIA ‘Labie koki projekti’, the building structures and utility systems by SIA Būve un Forma, and the power supply and low current systems by SIA Daina EL. SIA Forma 2 is the construction supervisor for the Trebū HOME project.

Trebū HOME is a modern multi-apartment complex located in Riga, in the Pļavnieki residential district. The project developer is AFI Europe, an experienced and internationally successful real estate company. So far, 6 apartment buildings have been put into operation and completely sold out. Over a period of ten years, the Trebū HOME project is to encompass the construction of up to 25 buildings with 1500 flats and commercial premises, investing a total of 150 million euros. The project also includes the development of more than 10 hectares of green areas.

AS RERE Grupa is a construction company that offers competence and quality in all stages of design, construction, restoration, and completion of infrastructure and environmental projects.