Even the most delicious apple starts with an idea.  A rosy bud turns into a white blossom that takes shape, grows and takes on its color, scent, and a red cheek that has been kissed by the sun.

The same is true of apartments.  They begin with a pencil line on a sheet of white paper and turn into an architect’s vision of a blooming meadow.  Modern equipment huffs and puffs to make way for landscaping, planning, and design.  Finally, the application of a finishing touch of warm colors turns the building into a home.  A flower becomes a fruit.  A visitor becomes a homeowner.

Zane Tetere
(OpenAD architect):

Home is filled with memories, warm emotions and positive expectations. Its essential part is a family who can create that homey feeling anywhere.


Edgars Neilands
(Director of Labie koki, landscape architect of the project):

Old apple trees in the garden add a special and homey feeling to the place. They help residents enjoy the change of seasons with their spectacular bloom, tangy taste of summer apples, sweet smell of autumn apples, and a warm apple pie on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or a wavy outline outside in the winter tranquility


Inga Akmentiņa-Smildziņa
(Director  of Mammāmuntē parents’ organization, mother of three):

The chatter, laughter and stubborn “NO!” of the kids, a fresh berry cheesecake praised by my husband, the aroma that reaches every corner, the sunlight dancing on the wall, the dog snoring or waiting for something tasty to be dropped on the floor.  That is my home, my happy feeling of home.


Anna, 11:

I’m waiting for my grandma to visit.  She always makes pancakes for me, and they’re very tasty.  I think everything is delicious at home.


Valters, 7:

Sometimes my mum and dad are so tired when they come home from work.  I’d like them to laugh more when they come home.  That’s why I like weekends, when all of us—the entire family—can sit on the sofa in the living room, watch cartoons or comedies, and laugh and have fun.