Trebū HOME was developed by  AFI Europe” - which is a part of global AFI Group.  The group is an internationally renowned real estate company with more than 40 successful projects in the past decade.

AFI Europe’s experience in attracting investments and developing properties in Central and Eastern Europe allows it to apply the strictest global architectural and construction standards in its office and residential developments.  Its premium offices, modern shopping centers, business and logistics parks, and residential developments are all characterized by their contemporary design and the highest quality of the construction.  The excellence of AFI Europe’s work is attested by 17 international awards.

A great example of AFI Europe’s work in Rīga is one of the most successful multi-apartment real estate projects in Latvia.  Metropolia is located in Imanta neighborhood and consists of five new buildings.  The project received positive feedback, and all 550 apartments were sold to people for whom Metropolia is now home.