Trebū HOME brings outdoor improvements and unveils a car park

Trebū HOME is a new and modern residential concept implemented in Pļavnieki, Riga, that combines everything one needs for good and comfortable living. As part of this project, a new car park has now been built at Brāļu Kaudzīšu iela 39 in Riga.

AFI Europe, the real estate developer behind the project, is offering these parking spaces for purchase to the residents of the surrounding buildings. The car park at Brāļu Kaudzīšu iela 39 is modern and convenient, designed for cars and motorcycles, with special parking spaces for bicycles as well.

The 1.3 ha car park is only available for purchase to owners of flats at Trebū HOME. There are a total of 291 parking spaces, including 14 shared parking spaces, 8 of which are equipped with charging stations for electric cars, as well as 10 motorcycle and 72 bicycle parking spaces. 13 car parking spaces can be equipped with individual charging stations.

For better security, the car park is protected by a fence and is equipped with video surveillance cameras.

The area of the car park includes a green zone with greenery, organically integrating the car park into the overall landscape of the Trebū HOME building complex.

Currently, Trebū HOME has 3 apartment buildings under construction, with a total of 153 flats.

Construction of the just completed car park has cost more than 2 million euros. Our partners, who have implemented this project, are the developer of construction design AS Ceļuprojekts and the main contractor SIA Pillar Contractor.