A hundred-year-old oak tree alley to be planted at Trebū HOME

By planting nine Northern Red Oak trees, Trebū HOME started an ambitious project of creating a century old oak tree alley in Rīga, between Lubānas, Salnas and Kupriču Streets. 

The Northern Red Oak (quercus rubra) alley will wind around the 10-hectare Trebū HOME site. The oak saplings planted within the first phase of the project have circumference about 30-35 cm and their crowns reach up to 4.5 m high. The alley and the residential complex landscape were designed by Labie Koki Projekti experts, but the trees were planted by the project developer AFI Europe together with representatives of the building contractor Arčers. 

Ilona Striga, AFI Europe Latvia CEO: ‘Green and groomed surroundings of the high-quality and energy efficient buildings is a Trebū HOME hallmark. Respecting the environment and its history, when the project was commenced it was decided to keep the old apple trees growing on the site. With the coming Latvia’s Centenary, we have started working on an ambitious oak tree alley, which will bring joy to the Trebū HOME residents for the Centenary celebrations and become a symbol of this area for the generations to come.’ 

SIA Arčers Chairman of the Board Jānis Markulis says: ‘The very name of the project carries nature’s values and we are happy to be involved in the development of this new, green neighbourhood in Rīga. This is one of the most exciting and challenging landscaping projects in Rīga in recent years where rather large trees are planted. In addition, Northern Red Oak grows faster and is more resilient than ordinary oak trees. The first residents of Trebū HOME will get a high-quality, elaborate landscape design close to the centre of the city.’

The first Trebū HOME residential buildings with total area of more than 6,000 sq. m and 108 apartments are expected to become available this autumn. 

Trebū HOME is a long-term project: at least 25 buildings with 1500 apartments and commercial premises will be built there within ten years with total investments reaching 150 million euro. The project also includes landscaping of the surrounding grounds exceeding 10 ha. The project developer is AFI Europe Latvia. The residential construction agreement was signed on 7 April 2017. Having won the tender, one of Latvia’s leading construction companies SIA Arčers will carry out the work. 


Uzsāk simtgades ozolu alejas izveidi dzīvojamo namu kompleksā “Trebū HOME”

Iestādot deviņus sarkanos ozolus, uzsākta simtgades ozolu alejas izveide vērienīgajā dzīvojamo namu kompleksā “Trebū HOME” Rīgā, teritorijā starp Lubānas, Salnas un Kupriču ielām.