Construction of the second phase of Trebū HOME will be performed by Pillar Contractor

The real estate developer AFI Europe has signed a contract with the Pillar Group company Pillar Contractor regarding the construction of the second phase of the apartment building project Trebū HOME. The signed contract provides for the construction of four apartment buildings containing 178 fully finished apartments. The buildings will span a total area of over 14,000 square metres.

In accordance with the signed agreement, Pillar Contractor is the main building contractor for the second phase of Trebū HOME. In addition to the construction of the project’s four apartment buildings, Pillar will also build utility networks and access roads, as well as territorial landscaping works. It is planned that the second phase of construction will be completed during the 4th quarter of 2020.

Trebū HOME is a long-term project: at least 25 buildings with 1500 apartments and commercial premises will be built there within ten years with total investments reaching 150 million euro. The project also includes landscaping of the surrounding grounds exceeding 10 ha. Landscaping plays the important role in improvement of the environment while preserving the apple trees on the territory.

The Pillar Group was founded in 2008 and it unites companies that operate in the realm of real estate development, administration and sales. The Pillar Group also includes companies such as Pillar Management, Pillar Development, Pillar Architekten, Pillar RE Services and others.