Construction of the multi-family apartment building Trebū HOME continues

Construction work in the ambitious residential complex Trebū HOME in Riga, on the plot between Lubānas, Salnas and Kupriču streets continues. Underground phase of the construction has been completed in the first two of the planned 25 houses and, at the moment, building frames are in process. The first residential buildings will be put into operation in early summer 2018. The development project Trebū HOME is registered in the Land Register.  

Raivis Tautietis, Project Manager of Archers, Ltd.: "Underground phase of the development is completed, and already three floors of buildings and basements are built. Works on concreting the building frame continue, and the internal and external cable laying take place as well", says Raivis Tautietis. "According to our schedule, we could celebrate the top out of the first two buildings in the end of December. Construction works are carried out in accordance with the up-to-date working schedule, and all conditions are met to complete the work by the estimated deadline. All terms, conditions and requirements for building safety and energy efficiency for future operation are taken into account in the course of works", emphasizes R. Tautietis.

The basic structures of Trebū HOME buildings – foundations, floors, columns – are made of monolithic reinforced concrete. Heat-insulated outer walls of the buildings will consist of 200 millimeter light concrete masonry with painted plaster over a 180 mm layer of insulation. Partitions between apartment blocks will be built of lightweight concrete blocks. For facade glazing, we are planning to use triple glass units in apartments and double-glazed units in common areas that will ensure both effective sound insulation and a good heat retention coefficient. 

Each of the buildings will have its own boiler house. Residents will be able to adjust heat supply in the apartment to the desired level, and an individual heat meter will be installed in every apartment.  

Ilona Striga, COO of AFI Europe Latvia: "This new house development project is one of the most anticipated by Riga families. Quality and energy efficiency have been made the priority in the construction process and choice of materials in order to ensure residents with a good and comfortable living in a green and smart environment. Quality of the project is also appreciated by international experts in September this year, the Trebū HOME project received the prestigious award of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) in nomination Lifestyle of the Baltic Prix d'Excellence, while in 2016, Trebū HOME was recognized as the best new project in the Baltic States in the category Residential Complex of the Baltic Prix d'Excellence.

Trebū HOME is a long-term project – at least 25 buildings with 1500 apartments and commercial spaces will be built on the site during the next ten years, investing EUR 150 million in total. The project will also include an over 10 hectare green territory, preserving the existing apple trees in the area. Landscaping plays the important role in improvement of the environment while preserving the apple trees on the territory. 

The project initiator is AFI Europe Latvia. Contract for construction of multi-family apartment buildings was signed on April 7, 2017. According to the tender results, works are carried out by one of the leading construction companies in Latvia – Archer, Ltd.