The rafter celebration was held for the new stage of Trebū HOME on 13th of December

Upon the completion of the structurally and technologically most fundamental construction work and reaching the maximum height of the building, on 13th of December the rafter celebration was held for the new stage of Trebū HOME.

At the site, in the presence of the developer’s representatives AFI INVESTMENTS and main construction contractor Pillar Contractor, the construction project authors ARHIS ARCHITECTS and MARK Architects, the construction supervision company Forma 2 and construction contractors, the rafter wreath was fastened to the frame of the building’s roof and the work done by the builders so far was honoured.

In a festive atmosphere, AFI Europe Latvia Managing Director Ilona Striga thanked the representatives of the project authors and construction contractors for their work, strictly sticking to the construction schedule and for their professionalism, thanks to which the project meets the highest quality standards. “Today is a special event for us, because a rafter celebration is one of the most significant moments in the construction process, when the biggest phase of construction work has been completed and construction can proceed to the next stage. Many thanks to the builders, architects, construction supervisors and the whole AFI Europe team, because our combined work means that we can celebrate this moment today!” affirmed Ilona Striga.

“For builders, rafter celebrations are always an important stage of construction and a reflection on the work done to date. I would like to thank the developer for its trust and constructive dialogue, resolving issues related to the development of the project. Today, we have concluded a very important stage of construction. Much has been accomplished, but a lot still remains to be done. I am grateful to all the cooperation partners involved in the construction process and to the Pillar Contractor team for both its work and quality,” said Pillar Contractor CEO Jānis Lāčaunieks.

Construction work on the new stage of Trebū HOME started in February 2019 and entails the construction of four apartment buildings with 178 fully finished apartments. The buildings will encompass a total area of over 14,000 square metres.

In accordance with the signed agreement, Pillar Contractor SIA is the main construction contractor for the new stage of Trebū HOME. In addition to the construction of the aforementioned four apartment buildings, the company will also build external utility networks and access roads, as well as territorial landscaping work. It is planned that the third stage construction work will be completed during the third quarter of 2020.

Trebū HOME is a modern residential environmental concept in Riga, on the right bank of the River Daugava, in the territory between Lubānas Street, Salnas Street and Kupriču Street. The project is being developed by AFI Europe – on the global AFI Group holding companies – an experienced, internationally renowned real estate company that has completed over 40 different projects during the past decade in Europe. The Trebū HOME project has evolved through a collaboration between the leading Latvian architecture firms ARHIS ARHITEKTI and MARK Architects, and the Israeli architecture firm ARC4G.

Pillar Contractor is a Pillar Group company founded in 2015. The Pillar Group was established in 2008 and its subsidiaries Pillar Architekten, Pillar Contractor and Pillar RE Services offer a range of services including real estate design, construction process management and coordination, as well as office leasing and management services.