Trebū HOME multi-apartment residential project has reached a new height of 18.7

The first phase of the ambitious residential housing complex Trebū HOME construction has reached an important project development milestone: Arčers Ltd has completed the construction of load bearing structures and the height of the buildings now reaches 18.7 m. This marks the start of the third construction phase, i.e. interior and exterior finishing work.

With the roof frame raising celebrations, masonry and plastering work is close to its completion. All windows are installed in both building façade walls, which, together with the completion of the masonry work, makes it the right time to switch on the heating to enable active work inside the building. The concrete floor construction and interior partition wall and utility service installation have been commenced. An average of 90 people work at the construction site every day. 

The first two Trebū HOME buildings with total area of more than 6,000 sq. m. offer 108 apartments: 36 sq. m studios, 40-52 sq. m two-room apartments, 67-69 sq. m three-room apartments and 80 sq. m four-room apartments.

Trebū HOME is a long-term project: at least 25 buildings with 1500 apartments and commercial premises will be built there within ten years with total investments reaching 150 million euro. The project also includes landscaping of the surrounding grounds exceeding 10 ha. The landscaping will play an important role in the site development and the apple trees growing there will be preserved.

The project developer is AFI Europe Latvia. The residential construction agreement was signed on 7 April 2017. Having won the tender, one of Latvia’s leading construction companies Arčers Ltd will carry out the work.


Trebū HOME project has reached a height of 18.7 m